An underutilized, powerful tool for now & retirement!

When asked, what is recommended?

Have you noticed the advertisements about retirement? Fidelity, Voya, John Hancock, Ameriprise, Transamerica, Merrill Lynch, Raymond James, and more produce ads intended to increase the population’s focus on retirement. The bottom line advice is begin saving early, and save more then you are saving now. The financial community widely promotes participation in 401(k) plans and 403(b) counterpart plans for non-profit personnel. Making sure […]

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Women are different than men! Learn from them!

A radical discovery?

In an August Financial Advisor Online article, Michelle Matson offered this guidance to advisors, “Women look at finances differently than men. They look at long-term goals and at what they want to accomplish in life. Therefore, advisors should recognize the differences between men and women and help female clients focus on long-term goals and strategies rather than on short-term results.”1 This is apparently a radical […]

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A majority to avoid – those with no emergency fund!

Rise above the masses!

In the early to mid 1990’s a popular revitalization plan for many cities included the creation of a “mega-shopping mall” by connecting adjoining buildings and constructing climate controlled “tubes” spanning surface streets. I recall at least one city using the marketing slogan, “Rise Above the Masses” seeking to draw shoppers into the non-mall mall. While that slogan is questionable at best, there is one […]

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Can ANYTHING lasting come from Pokémon Go?

STOP! Watch what is happening around you!

In late July, while traveling North of Lexington, Kentucky, it became obvious that I needed the Rest Area just ahead. Heading back to my car, I stopped for a moment, amazed at the focus of three youth who appeared of high school age. Each was intently watching their cell phone screen, paying absolutely no attention to their surroundings. While I have […]

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