Retirement Planning – As Simple as Turning Up the Heat

I know I need to plan for retirement. I just don’t know where to begin!

A peaceful retirement does not normally occur without planning and then effort given to work the plan. Moving through life with no plan for what is ahead does not end well; unless, we are sufficiently fortunate to inherit wealth. However, most would choose giving the cat a bath over committing thoughtful focus to […]

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Vaccinate Your Retirement!

Yes, your retirement can get shingles!

Here is a shocking contrast, “70 percent of pre-retirees think that life will be better in retirement, but only 40 percent of actual retirees find that it is.”1 That’s right folks! Nearly one-half of those anticipating a better life in retirement are shocked to find that it is not. Even more disappointing is thirty percent of pre-retirees expect life to be worse, […]

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