Making Your Most Expensive Purchase a Winner!

Your Greatest Expense May Prove Surprising!

When a couple marries and/or begins their careers after college, they soon encounter the greatest expense of their young lives, purchasing a home. As children are added to the family, the home expense seems manageable compared to the infinite cost of years of clothing, school supplies, dance and music lessons, athletic equipment, transportation, proms, and looming college tuition. However, according to a […]

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A Point of Clarity in a World of Confusion

How Bad Is It Anyway?

Just a week ago, the leader of a nonprofit organization wrote of her frustration about the seemingly hopeless situation of saving for retirement. “With just about every pension plan in jeopardy, social security in ruins because of theft from our own government, and 401K’s essentially a pyramid scheme, does it make sense to save at all?”1 Her sense of hopelessness was palpable. Was […]

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“One side’s ice and one is fire”

Investment advice and Leon Russell

Advice about investing seems to always be an either/or proposition. For every bull saying a particular stock, or class of investment, should be accumulated there seems to be a bear recommending the exact opposite action for precisely the same investment. Perhaps words from Leon Russel’s epic song Tight Rope describe it best, “I’m up on the tightrope / One side’s hate and one […]

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Save it now, or suffer without it later!

You actually can learn from TV advertising!

FRAM ran a series of television ads in the early 1970’s (click here to watch one) with the catch phrase, “You can pay me now, or pay me later.” If we neglect spending a relatively small amount of money on a quality oil filter, we will certainly pay a much larger amount on the engine later. The principal is easily […]

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