Rock, Shock, Shylock!

Unintended Consequences.

In May of 1974, the comedy series “Happy Days,” closed its first season with an episode in which Howard Cunningham decided to build a bomb shelter. Harkening back to the post World War II and early Cold War days, the episode was based upon the decision a number of families made to build a shelter in the case of nuclear attack. As the events of the […]

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Draining the Social Security Swamp!

Some say the US Treasury will go bankrupt without changes.

On the Christian Churches Pension Plan Facebook page, we recently shared advice from GuideStone Financial Services noting the risks ministers accept when they opt out of Social Security.1 One minister responded, “I opted out many years ago when the thinking was that Social Security would not be around anyway. I was advised by my CPA who specialized in […]

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Is Retirement an Entitlement or a Responsibility?

The growing fear of the American public

On February 28, 2017 Bloomberg published an article by Suzanne Woolley with the title, “More Americans Live in Fear of Retiring Poor.”1 Just seven days earlier, Bloomberg subtitled an article by Ben Steverman, “A dark, detailed new look at why many employees may never be able to retire.”2 On March 1, Emily Zulz of Think Advisor began an article, “More than […]

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The Christian Churches Pension Plan and Preaching

A problem recognized and remedied by “the Plan”

The concept of the Christian Churches Pension Plan (the Plan) began prior to 1969 as leaders among the independent Christian Churches & Churches of Christ recognized a problem. There were already a large number of ministers, missionaries, and staff from our Bible colleges who had retired without sufficient assets and cash flow to allow them to retire in dignity. It […]

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