Prepared for Retirement Part 2 – Knowing the Goal

What is my goal in retirement planning?

I have found many questions suggested about retirement planning. Where will you want to live in retirement (beach, where you call home now, the desert)? Do you intend to continue working? How much will your hobby activities cost each month? Will you be financially assisting children, grandchildren, or other family members? Do you, or your spouse, have health issues requiring treatment […]

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Prepared for Retirement Part 1 – Seeing clearly

Removing the clouds that have us blind

On June 7, Michael Fischer asked, “How Prepared for Retirement Are American Workers?”1 According to the 2017 Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey, the American public compares favorably among fifteen nations spanning Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. Ranking second behind only India, U.S. workers exhibited, “a medium level of readiness.”2

Still, there were challenging statistics reported throughout the survey. While 89% of Americans […]

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Money & Ministry – A Challenging Combination

Concerning numbers for a majority of ministers

I remember a conversation between a local church elder and a Bible College President some decades ago. The elder suggested to the President that the curriculum should include money management, because a sufficient number of those serving in ministry were showing either bad financial judgement or a lack of understanding the implications of growing debt. The President responded that he understood […]

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