Will the economic recovery be an U, a V, a W, or swoosh – This really is not the point!

Do you worry what is ahead for the American economy in the aftermath of the COVID-19 shutdown? Do you wonder if your 403(b) account will recover fast enough to help fund the retirement you dreamed of?

MORE than 30 million people have lost their jobs in the six-week period ending April 25! Oil prices collapsed, because of a world glut due to a lack of demand. As this […]

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“Freedom, this is what I call freedom”

“Freedom, this is what I call freedom

I wanna say – when you can do what you wanna do

And go where you wanna go…

And live where you wanna live…

And be what you wanna be…

Join what you wanna join…

And work when you wanna work…

Laugh when you wanna laugh…

When you can buy what you wanna buy…

Dress the way you wanna dress…

Just because you feel the space…

Oh, that’s freedom”

With credit to […]

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Rollovers, Direct Rollovers, & Trustee Transfers – Oh my!

From the mailbag comes a question for the day. “I have a 403b account at the ministry where I work. I get a housing allowance. I know, when I retire, I can designate my withdrawals as Housing Allowance. If I move the money from the 403b envelope to an IRA can I still get a Housing Allowance?”

The specific question raised is part of a more general question, […]

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Thrill rides belong in the amusement park – not in funding retirement

Thrill rides are a staple for amusement/theme parks. Fifty years ago, amusement parks were fewer in number, but they were all rated by the thrill rides on site. The bigger the dips and the faster the speed of the giant wooden roller coaster, the greater the momentum and suddenness of jerking motion of the Scrambler resulted in greater fame and attendance for the park.

Unfortunately for those retired […]

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Prioritize the use of the 2020 COVID-19 stimulus check – or any special source funds

We are relatively certain that this is not “news” to anyone, If you have not already received the 2020 COVID-19 stimulus funds from the US Treasury, do not worry. Either by direct deposit into your account, or check delivered by the US Post Office, the Department of the Treasury will issue to:

  • individuals with an adjusted gross income up to $75,000 per year an amount up to […]
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“I can afford the payment” – A double edged sword

One of the great threats to financial freedom is debt. It handcuffs the young, increasing stresses that come naturally from beginning careers and building families. It burdens those in their greatest earning years, eliminating desirable options from life’s choices. It prevents seniors from pursuing the dreams and passions they envisioned over the years.

One of the better questions we […]

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The question is “How much income can your savings provide?” NOT “What is your account balance?”

May we begin with the admission that saving, investing, and planning for retirement is difficult? An overwhelming number of people stop planning for their senior years due to increasing weariness from peering through the fog of investment assumptions, account choices, and conflicting advisor recommendations!

The result has been an increasing number who plan to never retire. Most continue […]

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