Listening – the first step to moving forward in every situation

We need to listen to one another more. We need to listen better. On this Monday morning, there are calls from every corner for better listening. In the last 12 hours has posted one article touting listening to one another if we are to bridge the great divide among us, and the other hails listening as the key to the work of Saleforce’s new chief marketing […]

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Safely correcting course when you discover you made a wrong turn!

I have been guilty of making an abundance of wrong turns in my life. Duh! I am, after all, a man. You are well acquainted with the stereotype, men do not ask for directions, we crank the car and we DRIVE! Thankfully I have never made a wrong turn like the one depicted in the image above, or one driver’s missed turn recorded on Youtube here. […]

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Principles to remember when the road ahead is rough

2020 has presented a wealth of rough roads to traverse! So, what else is new? We are not being flippant about the issues we face. We need to remember the same financial, emotional, and racial issues have been before us for many years. The difference this year is the precise situations and circumstances have heightened our emotions and affected our response.

Though being a Baby Boomer is sometimes […]

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When the darkness deepens – step into the light!

Just one week ago, we posted on the confusion of our times, “Decisions based solely upon headlines will send our heads spinning!” To be honest, this headline may have been a gross understatement. Since then, we have seen friends posting on social media about “going away for a while.” During more than one conversation we have heard, “I want to put my head in the sand.”

The sentiment […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Budgeting – maybe!

Hey, we know budgeting is no picnic. It can be (and has been) described as difficult, laborious, painful, tough, tiresome, galling, onerous, and perhaps a gargantuan pain in the neck! That is why there are creators of software, apps, and plans always trying to create something that will make it easier and more understandable. Significant profit potential awaits the creator of the software/app that reviewers tout as […]

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Decisions based solely upon headlines will send our heads spinning!

Clickbait is defined as “a sensationalized headline or piece of text on the Internet designed to entice people to follow a link to an article.” Merriam-Webster adds this to the definition “the link leads to content of dubious value or interest.” Clickbait is easy to find. With the mushrooming polarization of the press, political pundits, and the general populace, clickbait is a powerful tool in […]

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Maintaining flexibility is a key for everyone – particularly seniors!

Flexibility is a key element for achieving and maintaining athletic activity. It is also a significant element in maintaining health and the ability to pursue our passions during the senior years. Developing and maintaining physical flexibility helps reduce the risk of injury, maintain good balance, and improves range of motion.

The process of ageing is commonly accompanied by a reduction in the elasticity of our skin, muscle tone, […]

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Calling all recent college grads & rising college seniors…

It is Friday June 4, and 2020 has been a CRAZY year…particularly for the recent college grads and rising seniors. Your last college semester was not upset…it was torn apart. You were sent home and you were forced to join the online college program, even if you didn’t want to. Your spring sports, spring banquets, end of the semester planned travel, and your graduation was cancelled. For […]

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Two additional sources of confusion during 2020

Following an email exchange with a group of leaders yesterday, one member responded, “We need to reboot 2020, this version has a virus.” This year to date has been filled with optimism, pessimism, confusion, frustration, grief, racial tension, racial reconciliation, lament, and more. From a highly contagious virus, to an economic shutdown, to horrific losses of life, to peaceful protests, to riots accompanied by property destruction and […]

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Avoiding a derailment of our financial future

Thankfully, train derailments are not a part of daily life. Those considered minor result in destruction of property, disruption of the operation of the railroad and the schedules of a vast number of people. Major derailments may be catastrophic. The three top causes of derailments are negligence, human error, and reckless actions of pedestrians and drivers. The top three causes of train wrecks/derailments are all based in […]

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