Following the Star – discovering the joy of making the season about Jesus

Would it be stating the obvious to write, “We live in an angry and confused time”?

A mere four years ago, Democrats alleged the 2016 election was fraudulent and illegitimate. This year has seen the proverbial shoe placed upon the other foot. Politics has always been rough and tumble. It has resulted in duels to the death, produced the fiercest of enemies, and often destroyed faith in others.

Racial […]

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It’s time to examine ourselves and prepare for the future

December of 2020 is not only a time to eagerly await turning the calendar, this is the opportunity to take our final exam. How have we conducted our lives, and how will we prepare for the coming days ahead?

It is worth noting Rodgers and Hammerstein didn’t include final exams in the lyrics of “My Favorite Things.” I endured examinations as a student, often murmuring along with fellow […]

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