Your life MATTERS! – That is a PROMISE!

Does MY life matter? This question is obviously on the minds of many across the USA and around the world. We can, without equivocation say, “Yes, YOUR life matters to God…and subsequently to many others.” Still, that is getting ahead of ourselves just a bit.

As the Passover celebration in Jerusalem drew closer during the Biblical era, Hebrew people from across the Levante would gather for the celebration. […]

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Labeling others jeopardizes the opportunity to communicate

Emotions are a natural part of the human life. We are, after all, created in the image of God who Scripture describes as jealous, angry, and loving. However, unleashing uncontrolled, unfiltered outbursts of emotion are not profitable when our goal is to communicate our beliefs and ideas.

It is natural and right to respond emotionally to the senseless, inhumane treatment and deaths of George Floyd, Ahmad Avery, and […]

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Listening – the first step to moving forward in every situation

We need to listen to one another more. We need to listen better. On this Monday morning, there are calls from every corner for better listening. In the last 12 hours has posted one article touting listening to one another if we are to bridge the great divide among us, and the other hails listening as the key to the work of Saleforce’s new chief marketing […]

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Principles to remember when the road ahead is rough

2020 has presented a wealth of rough roads to traverse! So, what else is new? We are not being flippant about the issues we face. We need to remember the same financial, emotional, and racial issues have been before us for many years. The difference this year is the precise situations and circumstances have heightened our emotions and affected our response.

Though being a Baby Boomer is sometimes […]

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