Just one week ago, we posted on the confusion of our times, “Decisions based solely upon headlines will send our heads spinning!” To be honest, this headline may have been a gross understatement. Since then, we have seen friends posting on social media about “going away for a while.” During more than one conversation we have heard, “I want to put my head in the sand.”

The sentiment is understandable. Following our post on June 10, we have kept an eye on the headlines. Here are three representative examples:

  • “A new poll has measured how miserable Americans are right now”
  • “Why some people just have a very punchable face”
  • “Here’s how much money you should have saved at every age”

Misery, anger, and hopelessness appear repeatedly across the media. Yes, there are issues that we need to address in society, but is misery the natural state of mind? Of course, there are times people say things that are incorrect and painful, but is anger to the point of physical violence the reasonable response? Are you telling me that my future is hopeless, because I do not have five times my salary in savings?

If the days seem cloudy and hope seems absent…if friends have questioned your character because a discussion turned sharp…if someone has responded in a condescending manner toward your thoughts…don’t give up hope! Don’t run away or put your head into the sand. Defeat the darkness by stepping into the light.

Spend time focusing upon God’s greatness, majesty, and sovereignty! I admit that I have been guilty of turning to Scripture to find a proof text for the validity of a viewpoint when challenged. With so much anger being expressed, what we need is a renewed look at the greatness of God. We need to have our own Isaiah 6 moment. We need to be reminded that God is glorious, God is merciful, and God is in control. We need to be moved to repent that we have allowed circumstances to push his majesty into the background. We cannot effectively discuss how God wants justice to flow like a mighty river when our focus is limited to political implications.

Devote more time to a hobby, so you will not have as much time to check social media or watch your favorite 24/7 news network. Play golf. Spend time in the garden or on the flowers around the home. Plan to ride your bike three days each week. Go for a walk with your spouse. Do something that expends energy in the sunshine enjoying God’s creation.

When we are at home watching television, deliberately find something other than a news channel! We do not have to ignore the news, but we can refuse to allow polarizing opinions to dominate our thoughts. One of the great opportunities we have in these days is streaming television. YES…we need to limit our screen time, but we can watch classic movies, new television series, even classic sports events while we await the return of live events.

Satan is at work, and we must remember our battle is not with flesh and blood but powers and principalities. Temptation is abundant to pull us into darkness, depression, and division. The promises of God are many and they are all true. Though many may paint a picture of despair, God is sovereign and remains in control of this world. God’s glory surrounds us. Step into God’s light and become an instrument of healing!

Here is to thinking clearly, acting decisively, living financially free, and pursuing our passions…in every stage of life.