Elder Financial Abuse: An Unusual, but Central Topic in Retirement Planning

Elder abuse, a story of disappointment and frustration

A number of years ago, I discovered relatives (for whom I had been appointed power of attorney) had been the victims of elder abuse. Prior to the death of my mother, her youngest sister and husband asked me to accept the responsibility when it became necessary. In a strange set of events, I learned the people they hired to care […]

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Retirement – sure footed or standing firmly in mid-air?

Oh, the vision we have for retirement!

Whatever vision we may have about retirement, confidence is certainly a part of it. Whether we have a vision of traveling to romantic cities on multiple continents or a plan to work in some fashion other than our current employment, almost everyone includes a solid footing. No one I know envisions a retirement footing like that of Wiley Coyote after he […]

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“Whatever their itching ears want to hear!”

How will the markets respond to the election?

This is certainly one of the prevailing questions following the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. The actual question investors are asking is, “What should I do now?” In Particular, Baby Boomers who have retired, or are nearing retirement, want someone to guide their actions in order to maximize funds. Having so […]

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Don’t let Aunt Bea pickle your retirement!

Who is Aunt Bea & how can she affect my retirement?

Every Baby Boomer will certainly remember the iconic Andy Griffith Show. In December of 1961, “The Pickle Story” aired about Aunt Bea’s consistent failure in making pickles. Though she tried each year to follow the recipe, she annually produced quarts not of delectable pickles, but of “kerosene cucumbers!” Unfortunately, the same scenario often plays out with our […]

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Can Future Generations Count on Social Security?

Social Security – the Ultimate Political Football

Is the Social Security system stable in the future? Will Social Security be there when I reach retirement age? These are some of the questions younger generations ask about Social Security. In response, some say the system is broken, actuarily unsound, requiring an overhaul. Others claim the various elements of the Social Security Administration are basically solid, needing only minor modifications […]

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