A successful retirement allows
you to pursue your passions.

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CCPP ministers to those who minister to others, with the goal of helping them achieve their retirement goals.

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For those who have devoted their lives vocationally in service to Christ, the Christian Churches Pension Plan is a reliable part of a diversified and secure financial retirement strategy.

CCPP’s defined benefit plan was specifically developed for missionaries, church employees, ministry staff, and those serving nonprofit organizations associated with Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. Designed to supplement social security and other retirement vehicles, CCPP has been trusted by thousands of people for more than 50 years. It is stable, portable (so you can take it with you even if you change jobs), vests in just one year, and offers the industry’s highest committed rate of return.

“I would recommend the Christian Churches Pension Plan to anyone planning for their financial future.”
Matt Proctor, President, Ozark Christian College
“I can’t find anything better, anywhere, offered by anyone. As ‘one beggar telling another where to find bread,’ CCPP is bread.”
Doug Lucas, President, Team Expansion and Founder/Editor, Brigada

“Looking back, one of the best things I did was to begin early in life with the Christian Churches Pension Plan.”

George Clark, Senior Pastor, West Towne Christian Church Knoxville TN

“I recommend the Plan to anyone as a sound element of their financial and retirement planning.”

Don Wilson, Founding Pastor, Christ's Church of the Valley Peoria AZ

“This investment is as wise as it is simple. We can easily take this plan with us wherever the Lord leads us in the next 30 years of ministry.”

Ross and Megan Najmon, Team Expansion International Services