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The ugly side of retirement planning

Retirement planning & financial planning are not popular activities

Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America conducted a survey of 3,000 Americans for a study entitled, “The Gift of Time.”1  In that survey, 72% of the respondents indicated they had no financial advisor although nearly one-half wanted guaranteed lifetime income and almost one-third would like help with finances through the changing stages of life. “A recent study by […]

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Saving for Retirement is a Spiritual Act of Stewardship

Retirement Planning fails for a variety of reasons

There are a number of reasons that ministry, non-profit, and missions personnel have failed to save for retirement. Some sadly report there were never enough funds available. With limited funds, committing cash to provide a retirement income for personnel have sadly often drifted into obscurity among pressing ministry needs and priorities. A significant number individuals have personally neglected making provision […]

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Choices: Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

When it comes to saving for retirement, politicians have choices. Those choices affect the people of the USA. On one hand, some have encouraged politicians to eliminate the tax advantages enticing individuals to save through vehicles like 401(k) plans.1 On the other hand, Republicans in the House of Representatives have offered to maintain those tax incentives and create new savings accounts allowing individuals to withdraw contributions and earnings […]

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Options, Options, Everywhere (For Saving That Is)

A few decades ago, a wise man asked a Bible college administrator why there were no financial courses offered to help train future ministry personnel in the importance of balanced budgets and saving for retirement.  The administrator responded that there were simply insufficient course hours available at the undergraduate level for such a class. Including a course in personal finance would require the elimination of other courses […]

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Motivating Ministry Millennials to Save

Millennials are not saving at all, let alone saving enough for retirement. They have been turned off to saving by the materialism of their elders’ cultural values. Millennials cannot be sufficiently motivated to think about retirement. Reports and surveys about Millennials and their interest in planning for their financial future are plentiful. Most finish with conclusions similar to those above.

Anyone Can Save

However, the NAPA Net […]

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