If Uncle Sam & Aunt IRS offered a retirement plan…

Hard Facts cannot be ignored.

There are some difficult facts about retirement saving that must not be ignored. According to data from the “2017 Finances in Retirement Report” compiled by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave, 81% of Americans have no idea how much they will need in retirement. Those who have given thought to this believe that a minimum of 25% of disposable income should be. Unfortunately, those […]

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Leaks sink boats and retirements!

It began with a ride to the office.

This morning, the car dealer’s service department had an employee shuttle me to the office. They had to determine what went wrong with my air-conditioning at the time they repaired my windshield washers. The driver and I exchanged pleasantries about why we non-natives were living in the area. My new acquaintance was brought to town by one of the best […]

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Why are we being told retirement is more expensive?

Why indeed?

Just over one month ago, the Retirement Ahead blog addressed retirement as the most expensive purchase of a lifetime. Merrill Lynch has documented that retirement will require 9 times the cost of a four year college education and nearly 3 times more than the value of the average home.1 This funding gap is not new, and it has widened over many years. However a new, more […]

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